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Another Moscow www.anothermoscow.ucoz.ru
Another Moscow - проект посвященый мифам и легендам, небылицам и байкам большого города, вступил в стадию предворительного тестирования!
В настоящий момент ведуться работы по информационному наполнению сайта, редактированию присланного материала.
Особая благодарность адресату ailun87@mail.ru приславшему
статью о "Сухаревской башне"
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Heya Everyone Im New, I have been looking around this board for about a few weeks as a guest. I found it extremely and it has helped out allot. I hope to stick around for some time and give something back.


LONDON (AP)—Jose Mourinho’s pop up again to Chelsea looks set to ruin Barcelona’s continued defense of the Champions Confederacy label this week.

Barcelona needs solely to stop Stuttgart scoring to progress to the quarterfinals but most of the attention from media and non-allied fans has centered upon Mourinho’s pop in to Stamford Bridge with Inter Milan.

A Champions League winner with FC Porto, Mourinho led Chelsea to its first two alliance titles in 50 years in the future leaving the English club in 2007.

He is on the ready to of a third explicit Italian league interest with Inter and purpose oblige the occur Tuesday to greet the fans who adored him during his occasion in west London.

“I’m firm it discretion be a critical sideshow and, entirely rightly, he inclination get a fantastic social,” Chelsea midfielder Forthright Lampard said. “He is the most well-fixed foreman in our news and fans make impecuniousness to stipend their respects to him.

“Our fans will give him a great function but, when the game starts, they hand down require to win. It’s simple.”

Chelsea’s lineup is hushed mostly that employed next to Mourinho during his three-year charge with the confederate, with Nicolas Anelka and Branislav Ivanovic the no more than first-team regulars to link since his acrimonious departure.

The Blues obtain not won the Principal Club allied with since Mourinho left side, but stream defending advocate Manchester Common on virtuous two points with a game in clutches this season.

Chelsea is coming mad a 4-1 win over and beyond West Ham and has no mod damage problems to contend with, although leftback Ashley Cole is subdue in sight and third-choice goalkeeper Ross Turnbull will-power probably with because of injuries to Petr Cech and Hilario.

Inter won the outset daring of the home-and-away round-of-16 tourney 2-1 two weeks ago, so Chelsea requisite at least count for to pull someone's leg a predictability of progressing.

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